Writing Links


NaNoWriMo :: 30 days, 50,000 words.  

Young Writers Program :: NaNo for Kiddos.. with an awesome dare machine adults can use


Creative Writing Prompts :: A random collection of brief prompts that can be used to jumpstart creativity.

Oneword :: Sixty seconds to think fast and write about one word.

Writing Exercises and Prompts :: Simple writing exercises and games for creative writers.

Guides and Courses for Better Writing

Be a Better Writer with Pearl Luke :: Short, coffee break length lessons (and other writing tools).

MITOPENCOURSEWARE: Genre Fiction Workshop :: Online, free course.

MITOPENCOURSEWARE: Writing and Reading Short Stories :: Online, free course.

Word War Aids

Write or Die :: Putting the 'prod' in productivity; I favor the online version

Written? Kitten! :: Positive reinforcement writing - with kittens!